New beginnings

Hello, friends!

Who’d a thought that I would start a blog – me, who takes pride in her “old-skool” ways (I still see nothing wrong with good ole’ paper and pencil, folks!). Who would have thought that I would be here doing this?  Well, never say never; there’s always something new around the corner waiting for you to discover and learn from. That is partly what this blog is about; to share with you my good (and not-so-good) days, to teach as well as learn, and to hopefully grow in the process.

I am learning as I go here, so for all of you more experienced bloggers out there, please bear with me. This blog will be a place of refuge for others as well as myself. You will not find any political or social rants here; Lord knows you can easily find that elsewhere. This is a place to escape from the noise. This is a place to think through life as it happens.

I invite you to stick with me as I take this journey because no doubt, if nothing else, it will be interesting.