Sometimes, you need a little help.

Peace and light, friends,

I’m back after an interesting absence. Due to my initial fall, as luck would have it, I fell again, this time in my house. I was letting the dogs out of their crate so they can “go potty”, and as I did this, I fell once more, backwards. It was weird; as I fell, it felt like it took a long time for me to land on the carpet; almost as if I was moving in slow motion. So weird! Then I crashed onto the carpet, luckily landing on my back, with no injuries. So, after the second fall, I do not trust myself; it seems like this will be a random pattern (if that makes any sense). So, I went out , with my daughter’s help, and bought a cane. Never thought I would have to, but I’m not taking any more chances. I walk a lot at work, and the possibility of me falling at work has me worried. So, for extra security (and peace of mind). I use it everyday. My husband saw that I needed a cane , so he was nice enough to surprise me with another one, a little more stylish. It’s purple! So I use both of them, and I feel better.

So, I walk better, and I’m still cute! Please leave a comment or share your thoughts.