Insomnia – revisited

Hello friends,

I must apologize for not checking in in such a long while; life just gets in the way, and things you intend on doing (and really want to do) sometimes get put on the back burner. Truthfully, even though I often thought about writing more, I felt as if I had nothing to say. So, the time slipped away. Please accept my humble apology.

Today, well actually, since last Sunday, I am away on a spiritual retreat. This is the second time that I have done this in as many years. The first one was a silent retreat, just for me to reconnect with myself rather than the world. It was the hardest thing that I’ve done in a long while, but also the most rewarding. Once I went into complete silence, I could not break it for three days. The things you hear when you’re not speaking so much! This time, I’m able to talk, but am taking a workshop called “Awakening the Soul”. Details to come…..