Slow down

Hello friends,

For weeks now, my legs have been feeling really weird. Actually, it is my left leg that has been giving me the most concern. It seems like the left side of my entire body feels – different. Any issues that pop up seem to occur on the left side. Lately, it’s my leg. It feels stiff, tight like a large band is wrapped around it, compressed, and my toes feel as if they want to cramp. From the knees downward, and as of the past week, the tight feeling seems to want to creep up the back of the leg, too. When it gets really tight, doesn’t matter what time of day or night, it will change the way I walk. Like Frankenstein. A wobble of sorts, and my steps are made carefully. I wouldn’t say it’s painful yet, more an annoyance than anything else. But, when it feels that way, I try to stay off of it, if possible. I guess it is my daily reminder to slow down. Do any of you have a similar issue? If so, please leave a comment.