The hardest job ever

Hello friends, 

Today is a day of reflection, acknowledgment and appreciation. We reflect upon the things are mothers have done for us time and time and time again, if we were blessed enough to have a good relationship with her. I understand that not everyone had that experience. Some of us had rough experiences because of women who were ill-prepared for motherhood. They, for whatever reason, were not ready to accept the magnitude of the job before them. Being a mom is much more than giving birth to a human being. It is getting up early and staying up late, it is getting peed on, puked on, cried on. It’s poopy diapers and ear infections, colds and flu, bug bites and toddler bites, affection and discipline, first date and being dumped, prom nights and wedding days, sports practice and dance practice. Motherhood is very inconvenient. We try to make it fit our schedule, our lifestyle, but it does not. We are the ones constantly making the adjustments. 

There are high expectations on moms, too. We are to raise a future adult from day one, twenty-four hours a day, every day, no sick time, no breaks, no days off, for at least 20 years. Then, after all of that, you are expected to let them go to make a life of their own. We are responsible for them until they are responsible for themselves, and it is a thankless job. There is no salary, because the world cannot afford it. 

Sometimes you cry yourself to sleep, you laugh until you wet your pants, you pray for them, fear for them, live for them and would die for them. And then, after all of that, some moms go and do it again and again. The job is hard, but it has benefits. There is no manual, no instructions. The world expects you to get it right, and you consider yourself lucky if you do.

So to all the moms reading this, thank you for your efforts, for your service. You give of yourself until you collapse, and then you get up the very next day and do it again. Although we appreciate the dads to that step up to the plate and are present and active in their child’s life, many men can acknowledge the fact that when they were tired or sick or just didn’t feel like it, they looked to the mom to get the job done. And we did. And we do. And we will again tomorrow.